LMS Integration tab (Where to find the integration info)

This allows you to to add a button into your learning management system that lets you add students into InteDashboard directly from the LMS you're currently using to conduct your classes.

Pros: Easy for students since they access InteDashboard directly from the LMS without any extra logins required from their part.

BEST PRACTICES: This often requires assistance of IT and/or approval from your university to set up. Integration is course-level. This means that you have to configure each course in your LMS to integrate with InteDashboard. Once the integration is done, students won't have to activate their accounts in InteDashboard. They can just login to their LMS account and click on the InteDashboard link to access activities.

From the settings of your Learning Management System (LMS), add InteDashboard as an app. You can use the information you need, found in LMS Integration tab from your course.

  1. Click the specific course you want to integrate

  2. Click on LMS Integration tab.


Here are some guides on how to integrate various LMSs with InteDashboard