How to mass upload students

How to mass upload students to your course via the copy and paste, and file upload features.

Via the copy & paste method:

Step 1

  1. Please click on the Copy & Paste option

  2. On the new page you will an empty box with a notice that says "Copy the student data from excel and paste in this box."

  3. Now you will need to copy and paste the information regarding your students, which should be set up in an excel file in this format:

  • When copying and pasting please make sure to include all cells into the pasted content, including the titles.

  • Here's a brief explanation of the meaning behind each field in the Excel file shown above:

    • A: The students first name.

    • B: The students last name.

    • C: The students email.

    • D: The students I.D. or unique code identifying them within your institution.

    • E: The course section number which uniquely identifies the class or course that the student belongs to. In most cases this section number identifies at what time or when the class meets.

    • F: The team that you wish to assign the specific student to.

  • Below is a visual representation of what needs to be copied into the open field from the Excel file:

  • Once you're done please follow the prompts until you click on confirm.

Via the file upload method

Step 1

  1. Please click on the File Upload option

  2. You will need to structure your spreadsheet in the same structure as previously presented in the Copy & Paste method.

  3. Upload your file and confirm the changes.

  • Please note that when using the Copy & paste and File Upload methods your students will not receive an invitation email instantly with information on how to set their password after the submission of their contact details into InteDashboard. Once you're ready to have students come into your course, please send a manual invite to one or multiple students by clicking on the button.

  • Once they receive their invite, they will be walked through the password creation process.