How to manually enroll students to my course

Add students one-by-one using this method.

Pros: This is the most simple and straight forward approach available. It’s also a good way to add a few last minute changes in terms of student enrollments into your course.

BEST PRACTICES: If you have late enrollees, you can use this method to add them into the course one-by-one.

Step 1

Click on the course you want to add your students in.

Step 2

Click on the "STUDENTS" tab

Step 3

Click on the "+ New Students" button

Step 4

Click on the "Manual Enroll" and "Next Step" button

Step 5

Fill out the student details.

Click "Confirm" buttom.


  1. First Name, Last Name and email of the student is required and must be filled out.

  2. Student ID, Section and Team can be edited later.

Step 5.1.a

In this example, Student 13 will belong to Section 1 in Team 5.

Step 5.1.b

Newly enrolled Student 13 will then be grouped in Team 5 of Section 1.

Step 5.2.a

In cases when the teacher might want to choose a team later, you can still add the student. In this example, Student 14 has no Section or no Team indicated.

Step 5.2.b

Student 14 will still be created, but is unassigned to any section or team.


Step 6

Click "Send Invites" to send an email activation to your student to activate their InteDashboard account.

Step 7

Fill out the details.

  1. Select the names of the students from the dropdown

  2. Email Title (editable)

  3. Email Content (editable)

Click "Send Invites" button.

ⓘ Here are some useful information

  1. Once you send the invites, students will receive an email prompting them to activate their account and to set their account passwords.

Preview Email

You can preview the email through the "Preview Email" button to see the email that will be sent to the students to activate their accounts.

View students in detail (YES)

ⓘ Manage your students using this toggle.

  1. See who has activated their students account

  2. See who has paid for their account

  3. Edit their student details.

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