InteDashboard's main features are directed towards teaching.

You can:

  • Organize your course content into modules.

  • Create an IRAT, TRAT, IRAT&TRAT, Application Case and /or 360 Degree Evaluation activities.

  • Run the same course in multiple classes.

Teaching with InteDashboard

These articles explains how to use InteDashboard features in teaching.

The following articles will teach you how to use InteDashboard's features to conduct your classes. Select the activity you want to run and learn more about it--from creation, to publishing, downloading grades and many more.





Application Case

360 Degree Evaluation

Learn more about InteDashboard's features on course-sharing, adding and exporting questions and other teaching/teacher-related functionalities.

Share Courses with Teachers

Learn More About the Dashboard Features

Questions about Questions

Special Accomodations for students

Using a video-conferencing app

Are you using a video-conferencing app? These articles can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment-Related Questions

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Course-Related Questions

Module-Related Questions

Activity-Related Questions

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Access Related

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