How Do I Recognize the Login Page Difference Between Versions of InteDashboard?

In the initial stages of using InteDashboard, you might run into login issues because there are currently two variations of the application available. One is the version 2.0 of the software, which is a fully supported legacy version used by some institutions that do not have the time to migrate to the newer version at this moment, and the other is the latest version of the application, which is also fully supported.

  • The easiest way to represent this is through a visual example.

  • This is how the InteDashboard 2.0 login page currently looks.

  • Please also notice the URL which is:

  • This is how the InteDashboard 3.1 login page current looks.

  • Please also notice the URL which is:

  • In most cases, assume that you’re using the 3.1 (3.X) version of the application since that’s the current release of the application.

  • Only a few universities are still using the fully supported 2.0 version of the application, and they have been active with us for several years since its initial release.

  • If you’re experiencing any login issues. We recommend you to try resetting your password via the forgot password option.