What is a Michelsen Point Distribution?

Michelsen Point Distribution is a quantitative method of evaluating a team member's effectiveness.

In a team-based activiy, teams are usually graded two ways:

  1. Provide the same scores as everyone else in the team to assess the team's effort and contribution. This is true with group presentations or reports where the team is given scores based on their output.

  2. Provide individual scores for each and every team member based on their own contribution.

The first method is usually criticized for being "unfair" because weaker students get a better grade that "what they deserve" and those performer-students are at a disadvantage because they get dragged down by weaker students. It also encourages the "free rider" environment becuase the penalty for those students who do not work hard is shared among the team.

The second method is regarded as more equitable, but is not always possible for teachers to asses on all their students on individual bases. It is difficult to obselve each and every student in class during activities and assign a fair grade to all students. This method proves to be more difficult in a digital classrooms as well. Alternatively, individual assessments are placed within the team where each team members assess other's contributions. Addind the individual peer evaluation to the overall group scores is an obvious way to combine two outcomes.

In relation to the second method is the Michelsen Point Distribution approach in peer evaluation. In essense, students get to disctibute points for each members to assess their contributions in a team-based activity. How this works is that, each team member will distribute different points for each team member. So for a team of 5 members, with each team member accorded 10 points, a teammate will have a total of 40 points to distribute (that's 5 members multiplied by 10, subtracted by the 10 points of the teammate-evaluator). The 10 points accorded to thestudent who will be evaluating their teammates is deducted from the points to distribute because they're not supposed to give points to themselves.

Here's where you can find the Michelsen Point Disctibution


Set the additional settings for the evaluation.

Optional Settings for the 360 Degree Evaluation involve Michelsen Point Distribution.

  • Toggle Michelsen Point Distribution YES/NO

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