Get to know the Prework Activity

Go through preparatory materials before class. These can be videos, presentation slides, readings, links etc. With InteDashboad, your teachers can send out Prework materials which you can access through the app.

To access the Prework

  1. Check the STATUS. Once it says "Ongoing" you'll be able to click the "View Prework" button to view the materials.

  2. Download and Preview the materials using the ACTIONS buttons.

See how it looks below.

Here's how it would look like

Prework Activity

You'll be able to see the following:

  • TYPE: This is the type of activity. This can also be IRAT, TRAT, Application or 360 Degree Evaluation.

  • ACTIVITY NAME: This is the name of the activity.

  • COURSE: This is the course where this activity belongs to.

  • MODULE: This is the module this activity belongs to.

  • STATUS: It will tell you if the Prework is

    • "Scheduled" (which means that it's not open yet.

    • "Ongoing" (which means that the Prework is ready for viewing)

    • "Ended" (which means the Prework is closed)

  • DUE DATE: Date and time that the Prework Material will be closed.


    • Click "View Prework" to see the materials.

View Prework

  1. To download ALL the materials, click the box on the top-left-hand corner, then click "Download Selected" button.

  2. You can also download each and every material by clicking the blue "Download" button from the ACTIONS column.

  3. You can preview the materials by clicking the "Preview" button.