How to release the score of Application Case to students

After the Application Case is over you will likely want to release the grades to your students. In order to do that please follow these instructions.

Step 1

From the activity dashboard, click the "Visibility Control" button.

Now you will see the following options available to you:

**Here are some useful information

  • When you turn on the Allow students to view their scores option to Yes, you will essentially release the Application Case scores to your students.

  • The settings at this stage are quite similar to other team based activities, with a slight difference in the availability of options:

  • Allow students to see this activity: This allows your students to see the current activity listed on their InteDashboard page. If you were to turn this off, then your students will not be able to see any records of the specified activity in their listing of activities.

  • Allow students to view their scores: This allows students to view their total score and percentage of correct answers for the specified activity. If you have also turned on the ability for students to view their answers, your students will see their scores on each individual question for the specified activity.

On the Student's App

The student's app will show the following buttons:

  1. View My Answers

  2. View My Scores

Student's App : View My Scores


  • Please note that in Application Cases students will always be able to view their answers, which is why the option to toggle this option off and on is not available.