My student can't see the activity I have published

How does this happen?

There are cases when students are late enrollees and has just been added to a course. In these cases, teachers should double check their team assignment of if they were even added to the course.

Are most of your students unable to see the activity?

If most of your students are unable to see the activity, you have the option to reset the activity and re-publish it.

Here's how you can check the student's team assignment and add them to the course:

  1. Check if the student is in the course

Make sure that the student is part of the course Check the course's STUDENTS list.

2. Check if the student is assigned in a team

Check the Unassigned table from the course's STUDENTS tab. Make sure that all students are assigned to teams.

Without a team assignment, a student will not be able to participate in team activities and tests.

3. Once confirmed, have the students do this:

  1. Sign-out of InteDashboard.

  2. Clear cache.

  3. Sign-back in.

Does the problem persist? Do the following:

Go to Dashboard and see ATTENDANCE Box

  1. You might be viewing an activity that has been created first before the student was added. In this case, you can add them to an ongoing activity from the Dashboard's Attendance Box.

  2. Click the orange box to add the students(s) in the activity.

Go to Dashboard and see ATTENDANCE Box

  1. Choose the team; and

  2. Checking the “Approve” box.

  3. Click the “Update” button.

The students will now be able to see and start this activity in their dashboard.

Here's how you can re-set the activity, then re-publish it.

Go to the activity Dashboard

  1. Once you've made sure all students were added in the course, you can click the "Go to Dashboard" button of the activity.

  2. Locate the "More Actions" dropdown on the right-hand-side of the dashboard.

  3. Click "Reset Activity" button.

  4. Confirm the reset.

Back to the 5-Review Page of activity creation

  1. Once the reset is confirmed, you'll be taken back to the 5-Review step of the activity creation.

  2. To re-publish the activity, Clik the "Publish your Activity" button.

Go to Dashboad and check the Attendance block / Student Analysis table

  1. Once the activity is re-published, find the activity and click "Go to Dashboard" button.

  2. You can check the Attendance Block to see the students in the course. Confirm that students are able to see the test by asking them to click "Enter Test"button. The gray avatars will turn green once students do so.

  3. You can also see the Student Analysis table in the dashboard.

If the student(s) is still unable to see the activity, please contact