How to Export Your Questions From InteDashboard?

This article will show you how to export your InteDashboard questions into an Excel file.

  • Exporting your questions from InteDashboard could help you in cases where you may not have access to the internet and would like to run TBL locally.

  • This feature could also help you, if you would like to back up your questions into physical format for local storage.

  • To export your questions into an Excel file please click on the Questions button on the sidebar.

  • Next please click on the export button.

  • You will now receive an Excel file that will look like this with your complete list of questions.

  • Please note, sometimes your results might include <p> HMTL tags in the questions column of the file that's received. These tags may be ignored, or you may change the text in the Excel file by mass removing the tags from the export.