What are the IRAT Optional Settings?

This article explains the features found during your IRAT activity setup. To get started, create your synchronous IRAT activity or asynchronous IRAT activity.

These settings can be found in Step 5 of IRAT activity creation.

Confidence Based Testing

This option, when turned on, allows students distribute points across the answer options (image showing what students see)

When this option is turned off, students only have to click on one answer option and save their answers.

Example: If the total number of points per question is 3 points, the student can choose to either give all 3 points to one answer option or distribute all 3 points across answer options A, B and C.

Allow students to change answers before final submission

This option when turned on allows students to go back to previous questions and change their answers before submitting.

Students must answer questions in sequence

This option when turned on, allows students to move from one question to the next in a progression without skipping questions.

Allow students to view previous questions

This option when turned on, allows students to view previous questions when answering questions in a sequence. When turned off, students would not be able to return to the previous question to change their answer options while taking the activity.

Randomize answer options order

This option when turned on, shuffles the remaining answer options for each student while maintaining the position for the correct answer option in each question.