Where Do I Find the Excel Templates to Add Students and Questions?

We created pre-made templates to help you get started with this process. You may find them during the activity creation process at the following steps.

  • To find the Excel template to add students, please click on the students tab within your course.

  • Next please click on the +New Student(s) button.

  • Next please select the copy-and-paste button to find the template needed.

  • To find the pre-made template for adding questions, please go to the copy-and-paste area at step two of the activity creation process.

  • Please note that whenever you’re using the copy-and-paste methods. We require you you copy everything in the spreadsheet including the title rows in order for the method to work properly. This means that in this case, I will copy the entire contents of this spreadsheet into InteDashboard.

  • The data will look like this on the InteDashboard copy-and-paste area.