Can I Run Two Sections of a Course at Once?

It's possible to run activities towards multiple sections of students with InteDashboard.

  • The segmentation of sections happens at the student organization level.

  • From the student organization area, please click on organize students.

  • And then create multiple sections.

  • In this case I created two different sections and then added students to them, so when I went in and published a brand new IRAT. The following appeared.

  • Please note that this is only applicable to new activities. You cannot go back and add sections to activities which have already been published, unless you add the sections and then reset the activity(s) in question.

Further Helpful Information

  • Multiple sections can definitely run at the same time by different faculty. You can run up to as many sections as you need simultaneously.

  • You can also run the same activity with different sections all within one course. This will require you to duplicate the parent activity.