One Student Just Emailed Me and Wants Me to Use a Different Email?

InteDashboard does not currently allow the change of email addresses once they are submitted into the system by the professor. It does allow the change of names and passwords, but not emails once they are submitted through the student account creation process.

For this reason we recommend that only the primary emails of students and faculty are utilized during the account creation process. It helps you maintain consistency and limits the email change requests as your semester unfolds.

But let's say you have already submitted a student under one email and the account email needs to be changed right before your course starts. The best approach would be for you to go into your student roster area and disenroll the current unwanted account.

After performing the action above, you may add a new student with the same first and last name via the normal invitation function in InteDashboard.

Please note that once you publish an activity there's no way to edit or add a new student account with a new email into it, unless you reset or duplicate that activity and run it towards your newly modified student teams. So for this reason we recommend that you maintain consistency throughout all of your education technology platforms and use only academic email addresses.