Go through an Application Case

Discuss, debate and submit answers digitally to an Application Case activity using InteDashboard. Application Case activities usually have a case data that teams teams need to discuss followed by a series of question.

Application Cases can contain 3 types of questions:

  1. Multiple-choice questions with a single best answer (answered like an IRAT)

  2. Multiple-choice question with multiple answers (tick all the answers that are applicable)

  3. Free Response question (type your answer)

You can add elaborations to your answers by typing a text or uploading a file.

See some screenshots below.

Here's how it looks like

Activity Dashboard

You'll be able to see the following:

  • TYPE: This is the type of activity. This can be Prework, IRAT, TRAT, or 360 Degree Evaluation.

  • ACTIVITY NAME: This is the name of the activity.

  • COURSE: This is the course where this activity belongs to.

  • MODULE: This is the module this activity belongs to.

  • STATUS: It will tell you if the Prework is open or not.

  • DUE DATE: Date and time that the Prework Material will be closed.


    • Here's where you can find the buttons.

  1. Click "Instructions" to see the instructions of the activity.

  2. Click "Enter Test" to let your teacher know you are present and can access the test.

  3. Once the STATUS says "Ongoing" you can click "Take the Test" to start answering the RAT.

Answering questions

Multiple-choice question with single best answer

For an multiple-choice question with single best answer, you'll see circle buttons next to the answer choices.

  1. Choose 1 answer

  2. Click "Save My Answer" to commit.

**Watch the clock above. If the RAT is set to have a time limit, you'll be able to see how may hours, minutes or seconds you have left to complete the test.

Multiple-choice questions with multiple answers

For a multiple choice question with multiple answers, you'll see boxes next to the answer choices.

  1. Tick all the answers that are applicable

  2. Click "Save My Answer" to commit.

Free Response

For free-response questions, you can type in your answer in the box.

Make sure you follow the minimum and maximum words allowed (this was set by your teacher)

Click "Save My Answer" to commit.

For Team-based Application Cases

Assign others as reporter

Similar to TRATs, team-based applications will have a team-reporter who will commit answers for the team.

As team reporter, you can assign others as a reporter.

As team-members, you can takeover as reporter.

This button will not appear if the Application Case is individual-based. Like IRAT, Application Cases may be set to Individual-type-tests by your teacher.

Adding Elaborations to your free response answer

+ Add Elaboration

You can click "+Add Elaboration" button to upload files or type elaborations to your answer.

Once you hit "Submit Test" button, it's the equivalent of passing your papers to your teacher. You can go back to view your saved answers BUT will not be able to change any of your answers anymore.