Application Case Dashboard Features

In this article we will take a look at the instructors dashboard on Application Cases to gain a more in-depth understanding of the presented features.

Activity Clock

At the very top of the screen you will see the Activity Clock which will allow you to :

    • Extend or deduct time off your activity

    • Open the clock in a new tab

Activity Controls

Activity Settings

These are some of the settings the teacher has set and selected during the activity creation.

Name of the Module that this activity belongs to.

This is the type of Application that is set for this activity (either Team or Individual)

These are the settings of the test on how the students will answer the activity.

This tells how long teams/students have to answer this activity

This tells how long the class has taken to answer each question.

Attendance for Section

The Attendance Block shows the list of students in each team.

Notice the green-ticked avatar.

  • This means that Student 1 has Entered the specific activity.

Notice the gray-x avatar

  • This means that these students haven't entered this activity

Before starting the activity, ask the students to click Enter Test button . It is recommended to check the attendance block to see which students have entered the test (Greens), which would mean that they are online and can access to the test. Check-in with students who haven't entered the test (the gray colored ones) and see what might be causing delays.


% Teams who may time out

"Teams-who-may-time-out" are teams who haven't answered all the questions in the activity (hence, showing 100%). The percentage bar will automatically decrease as teams/ students finish answering the test.

In this example:
5 out of 5 Teams in the section have not finished the test and are still in answering. These teams "may time-out" or might run out of time without finishing the test.

Check this progress bar together with the timer. If the timer almost out and the percentage bar is still high, then it might be a good idea to extend the timer.

% Teams who have answered all questions

"Teams-who-have-answered-all-questions" are teams who have saved an answer for all the questions in this activity. The percentage bar will automatically increase as teams finish answering the test (or has saved an answer for all questions).

In this example

1 our of 5 teams in the section has finished answering all the questions.

% Teams who have submitted

"Teams-who-have-submitted" are teams who has clicked the "Submit Test" button. It's the same as passing the test papers to the teacher. The percentage bar will automatically increase as teams submit their tests.

In this example, none of the teams have submitted yet.

ⓘ HERE are some useful information

If you see the red-bar "% Teams who may time out" still high and the timer is running out, it would be a good idea to extend the timer so that students would be able to keep answering the test.

The system automatically locks the student out once the timer is finished. Therefore, to avoid disruption in answering the activity, watch the red bar and decide whether you need to extend the timer or not.

Item Analysis

  1. Fail Rate

    • This is the percentage of students who got the answer wrong.

    • Clicking the sorting icons will arrange the fail rate from greatest to lest or vice versa.

  2. Question

    • These are the questions in this activity.

    • Click the question number and it opens the question stem and provided answer choices.

  3. Answer Options

    • Scroll through the answer options from left to right.

    • The percentages shows the rate of the students who has chosen the answer option.

    • NOTE : Free Response questions does not have any answer option percentages.

  4. Points

    • This is the points alloted for each question which was set up when the teacher created the test.

  5. AVG. Time

    • This is the average time the teams/students has spent answering a specific question.

  6. Learners Finished

    • Shows the percentage of the entire class who has answered that specific question.

  7. % Correct

    • The opposite of fail rate. Shows the percentage of the class who got the answer to this question correct.

Team Analysis


Monitor student's answers to specific questions from the Questions Block as they come in real-time. The Questions block will show you the teams/students who has not answered yet, which answer options each team/student has chosen, elaboration (if any) and a percentage bar graph of responses. It'll give you insights on how the conversation with students would go when you start your discussion.