What are the Teacher's Roles, Access Level and Permissions within InteDashboard?

InteDashboard enables teachers to share courses with other teachers. Account administrators and teachers each have "ROLES" and "ACCESS LEVELS" within InteDashboard.

Use cases:

  1. Multiple faculty members teaching the same course within the same institution

  2. Mutiple faculty members teaching a part of the course curriculum

Here are the Course-Level-Access Permissions


  • The course owner is the teacher who created the course. Course owners are the author of the course, it's modules and activities, and is thus able to manipulate, modify, edit, delete and archive the course, its module and activities.

  • Course Owners can add, disenroll and suspend student accounts.

  • InteDashboard allows an unlimited amount of these full access guest teacher accounts within their institution.


  • Any teacher who has full-access to the course has the ability to do the same things as the course owner--manipulate, modify, edit, delete and archive the course, its module and activities they were granted access to.

  • Teachers with full access can add, disenroll and suspend student accounts within the course.


  • Any teacher who has a read-only access to the course can only view the course, it's modules and activities, view the dashboard, the grades of any activities but cannot edit, modify, edit, delete or archive any component of the course.

How to allow other teachers to access the course?

Who can share access to the course?

  1. The Super Admin user

  2. The Course Owner

  3. Teachers with Full Access level to the course

Step 1

Go to COURSES and select the course you need to share with other teachers.

Step 2

Go to PERMISSIONS tab and click "+ Add Teacher" button on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3

  1. Select the names of the teacher.

  2. Select the access level you want them to have

  3. Click "Confirm" button to commit the changes.

Once you have added the teachers to the course the PERMISSIONS tab will show who has access to the course and their corresponding ACCESS LEVELS. As Course Owners and Full Access teachers, you have the ability to remove anyone from the course, reset password and view/edit teachers (See ACTIONS column)

These teachers will see the course listed on their COURSES page, and can view the same PERMISSIONS tab on their own accounts.

What are teacher-roles?

There are 3 ROLES teachers have in InteDashboard


  • The Super Admin is the main point of contact when it comes to support and administrative communication between your academic institution and InteDashboard.

  • They automatically have FULL ACCESS to the content of the entire account--including all courses, modules, activities and questions created by teachers. This means all courses created by everyone will be appear on the COURSES dashboard.

  • They can create Admins and Teachers accounts for their institution in InteDashboard.

  • They can perform all the functionalities that teachers can.

  • They can also reset other teachers' and students' passwords, suspend/reactivate teacher accounts, and grant teachers ownership to the other teacher’s courses.

  • InteDashboard can allow multiple Super Admins for their insitution by request. Please contact brian@intedashboard.com or support@intedashboard.com.

  1. ADMIN

  • The Admin users are teachers who can add other teachers to the InteDashboard account.

  • They can perform all functionalities that other teachers can.

  • They can also reset users' password, edit any users' details, suspend/reactivate accounts, not including the Super Admin's account.


  • A teacher can add, create, edit, modify, delete and archive any course they have authored and have a full-access to.

  • They can view only the courses they have created and have full access to.

  • They can reset, disenroll and suspend student accounts in their course only.

Here's what the Super-Admin can do:

1. Course-related functionalities

  • View all courses, modules, and activities in an account, no matter which teacher created the course.

  • Reset Password for all users in the event there's login issues being reported.

  • Remove a regular teacher account from any course. (Change permissions to a course)

  • Grant any teacher ownership to any course. (Do this in cases when the teacher is leaving the institution or won't be using InteDashboard any longer.

Do this by:

  1. View the course.

  2. Click PERMISSIONS tab and locate More Actions dropdown on the bottom-right-corner of the page.

  3. Click "Transfer Course Ownership" button and save.

2. Teacher-related functionalities

  • Suspend a teacher via the main teachers dashboard in the left side panel, thus prohibiting the user from logging into InteDashboard.

  • Reinstate the suspended teacher via the main teacher's dashboard in the left side panel, thus allowing the user to sign-in again.

Here's what regular teachers see and do:

  • View the courses, modules and activities that they've created or have been granted access to. (Either Full Access or Read Only)

  • Reset student passwords who belong to their courses.

  • (ONLY) View other teachers in their institution's InteDashboard account.