What Is the Meaning "Freeze Last Option Choice" and How Does It Work?

This is a function that ties along with the randomization of answer choices on InteDashboard. The article below will attempt to explain to you how it works.

  • The best way to illustrate this is through an example.

  • Let’s say we selected:

Randomize answer choices: yes.

Freeze last option: yes​.

  • And this is the question:

What is your favourite feature of InteDashboard?


B. Peer Evaluation

C. Application Cases

D. All of the above​

Here, on the student side, the application will randomize the ordering of answers from A to C, but answer D will always be the last option, and it won’t be the right answer unless you set it as the correct answer.

Freezing the last option is usually a friendly approach for questions that will contain all the above options in their answers, and you want the correct answer to show up under the other answer options in the order of options while using the randomization feature.