Create another class-section in a course

InteDashboard allows teachers to run the same course content with different sections. No need to create and re-create or duplicate courses. You can create multiple sections in the course and run the same modules and activities at the times you need to.

Sections are another set of students you can create if you have to assign the same content to a different sets of students. This feature is often used in classes that meet at different times or days. It is also used by tutorial groups.

Here's how to add another set of students in a new section in a course.


From your list of courses, choose the course you want to add students to and click on the name of the course, or the View button.


Click on the STUDENTS tab on the top navigation bar


Click "+New Student(s)" button.


Now you can choose from the several methods available to add your students to your course.

Copy&Paste or File Upload

Both of these methods has the same template. See below

TEAM (Col F)

Indicating the Team numbers of each student will auto-group them in the app as well. You can change this later when you need to.


On the template spreadsheet, indicate the Section (a different name from the existing section) of the list of students.

  • You can type the new Section name
    or 2 or PhiloMWF3-1

  • You can also type a number (2, 3 etc.)

Once these information is here, you can create

Then you can Copy&Paste the new section in InteDashboard using the +New Students button or download the spreadsheet into a .CSV file and upload it.