How to Migrate Questions From InteDashboard 2.0 to InteDashboard 3.1?

This article will show you how to export and import your questions from InteDashboard 2.0 to InteDashboard 3.1.

Please note that you will need to be logged into InteDashboard 2.0 to start this process.

  • Once you’re logged in to your faculty account on InteDashboard 2.0 please export your questions from your active course by clicking on the following button.

  • The XLS file that's downloaded from within InteDashboard 2.0 will look like this.

  • At this point you will need to reorganize the structure of your questions in this InteDashboard 2.0 XLS file to fit the structure that's accepted by InteDashboard 3.1.

  • To do that, please note that the title structure of your questions should be set in the following way:

Question > Min Words > Max Words >Correct Answer > A > B > C > D > E

  • Here's a screenshot of how InteDashboard 3.1 organizes its questions on an Excel file.

  • Now here's a screenshot of how you would need to structure the InteDashboard 2.0 questions from earlier in this article to fit this structure.

  • You will want to make sure you're bringing the correct answer column upfront to cell D, and leave the Min Words and Max Words columns empty if you're importing only MCQ type questions.

  • For free response type questions please follow this structure:

Question > Min Words > Max Words > (leave everything beyond this cell empty, but keep the cell titles)

Note: Minimum Words and Maximum Words are optional settings, only if you want to limit the number of words students use to answer this question. Otherwise, you may leave these cells blank.

  • Now that you have the MCQs and Free Response questions ready, you can copy and paste them during the activity creation process in InteDashboard 3.1 via the following button.

  • If you are setting up the IRATs and TRATs activities, remember to only copy and paste from the Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs), because the IRATs and TRATs activities can only support MCQs question type.

  • Here's how the copy and paste process will look.

  • If you are setting up an Application activity, you may copy and paste from either the MCQs or Free Response question types, because the Application activity supports both MCQs and Free Response question types.

  • Once you have pasted the questions, just follow the rest of the process to complete the questions migration by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.