Are Published Activities Seen by Students Right Away?

Depending on the modality that you choose, what happens after you click on the publish button is different.

  • When you publish a Synchronous activity. Students will be able to see a waiting message indicating to them that the professor will start the activity at a later point. 

  • In this case, the activity will be truly visible when you click the start button from within the instructor dashboard. Though, your students will be able to see that there's an activity planned.

  • When you publish an Asynchronous activity. Students will start the activity as soon as they click enter when is visible to them, visibility of the event is tied to the open period that you set for your activity during the activity creation process.

  • This means that if you choose the Asynchronous modality. Your activity will be visible and actionable from the students perspective the moment you hit the publish button as long as it's within the open period that has been set.

  • If you’re using the Synchronous modality. You can hide the activity from your students until you decide to ‘show’ it at a later point.

  • Please note, the hide option is only available on Synchronous activities, and Asynchronous activities will automatically start as 'Ongoing' under the status area.