My Student Is Not Appearing in the Correct Team After I Made Some Organizational Changes?

InteDashboard is set up in a way where a snapshot of your student roster is taken the moment you publish activities, so changes made after the activity has been published, won’t reflect your activity until it’s reset or restarted.

As an example. If Student A is under Team 2 in the team setup as of this moment. It’s very possible that the system stills sees her under Team 1, specially if she was originally set to that team even temporarily during the initial publishing period of the activity.

So at this point we established that any changes made after the publish button has been pressed won’t take effect until the next activity or a reset of the current activity.

At this point. We need to either reset the activity or duplicate the activity. Here's how to do that.

Click on go to dashboard on the activity you would like to reset.

Now click on the reset activity button which can be found below.

The downside to this approach is that all of the data from your activity will be wiped clean to zero, so your students will need to complete the activity again if any of them already finished or made progress through the questions.

Another option could be duplicating the activity via the following button if you do not want to perform a reset. This can help you save data from the initial activity. The data won't integrate into the new activity, but it will still be available for manual review at a later point.

To duplicate an activity please click here.

If you duplicate the activity, you'll be able to run it towards the current team setup. You should be OK with this choice as long as the organization of the team is as you want it the moment you hit the publish button. But if you have the ability to reset the activity, then that will make your instructor dashboard less cluttered and that's always better.