Special Accomodations for students - absences and making up for RATs

Some students might need to make up for a missed RAT activity due to absences or late enrollments.

A can accomodate making up RATS through the following steps:

  1. Duplicate / Make a copy of the activity.

  2. Set a password upon publish and only give the password to the students who will take the make-up test.

  3. Publish and run the activity asynchronously or syncronously.

Here are the screenshots of the process

Step 1

  1. Go to the course and find the activity that students will take for makeup.

  2. Click the Make the Copy icon.

Step 2

  1. Click "Publish your Activity" button.

***You can also rename the activity as {ActivityName-MakeupTest} to easily distinguish it from the original.

> Click 1-Basic Settings, change the name of the activity, click "Go to Question" to save.

Step 3

  1. You can choose to keep the previous TYPE and ACTIVITY DURATION or set it differently depending on when and how the students will be taking the make-up test.

  2. Set the STUDENT'S ACCESS PASSWORD on the box. Any password can be typed-in.

  3. Click "Publish Activity" to save and publish.

Step 4

  1. Find your set password from the ACTIVITY SETTINGS in the activity's dashboard.

  2. You can monitor logins from the ATTENDANCE box. The avatar will turn green when the student has entered the test.

  3. Download the grades and manually add it in your main Grades spreadsheet.

The Student(s) will see this screen

  1. They will have to enter the password of the activity.

  2. Once the correct password is entered, the "Take the Test" button will activate and the student(s) can start answering the RAT.