How do I duplicate Courses?

Duplicating or making a copy of courses would enable teachers to re-use the same course content for the next term. This is best used when the term is beginning and you'll be teaching the same course again.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Click the "Make a Copy" icon.

  2. Choose the elements you want to be copied (modules, activities, and/or questions)

  3. Click "Yes, Copy Course".

Course duplicating does not make a copy the students. Since this is a new course for the new semester, you'll have a clean start on adding in the students.

Learn more below.

Here's how to duplicate courses + other important information

Step 1

For each course, there's an ACTIONS column with buttons. Find and click the "Make a Copy" icon.

Step 2

From the pop-up, choose the parts of the course you want to be duplicated.

  1. Copy the modules to the new course.

  2. Copy the activities to the new course.

  3. Copy the questions to the new course.

Click "Yes, Copy Course" button.

***NOTE: You won't be able to just copy the questions or just the activity because the questions must belong to an activity and activities must belong to a module. If you need to re-structure modules and transfer an activity to another module, click here.

Step 3

  1. You'll be taken to the newly duplicated course named "Copy of {CourseName}". You can change this.

  2. Notice that all modules and activities will be the same from the original course--dates, formats, how the activities appear etc.

  3. Notice that the activities' statuses are "Not Published". This means that the activity and corresponding questions, points, instructions are all there but they're all waiting for publish. You can click "Continue Setup" to review, revise, make changes to the activities.


  1. You can change the name of the course by clicking MANAGE COURSE tab, then click "Edit Course" button on the top-right-hand-corner of the page.

  2. STUDENTS tab will be empty. You can add new students to this course.

  3. LMS INTEGRATION details will be new. If you are using an LMS, you will have to change the configuration URL of the same course in your LMS.


  1. Check all the options from the pop-up, then manipulate elements from the course. You have the option to

    1. Archive modules you don't need

    2. Move an activity to a different module in the course

    3. Delete an activity in the module

  2. Some teachers want to copy the same format of module and activites only and create all-new questions for the activities. (Uncheck Copy questions to the new course) If in case you need you add the similar questions found in the previous course, you can:

    1. Add the questions from the Question Bank (if the questions were saved in the questions bank)

    2. Download the questions of the old activity and re-upload it to the new course.