What is e-Gallery walk?

Traditionally, a gallery walk is an active teaching strategy that lets students walk around the classroom to see their fellow students’ work/project. This strategy deviates from a lecture-based type of strategy. It's an interactive teachnique that taps not only on skills on debate, discussion, writing, but also on higher order thinking skills such as analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

Usually, students will display their ideas/work in the form of charts, posters, models, videos, visuals etc. similar to how an artist displays their artwork in a "gallery". Participating students will then go around the "gallery" to read, analyze, evaluate their fellow student's work. They would then provide a feedback or offer ways to improve others' ideas. These feedback can be by verbal comments, or written notes on paper.

Gallery Walk in InteDashboard

InteDashboard can be used to conduct an online digital gallery walk. Teachers have the option to display teams'/students' work/ideas/answers through the "Presentation Mode" of InteDashboard and participating students can then read through, scrutinize and evaluate them, similar to the traditional gallery walks. Feedback from fellow students come in the form of votes and digital comments sent in through the app--which can contain the usual text-type of comment or a file attachment.

This is a sample e-Gallery Walk screen for the students.

The answers that the teacher has selected for the e-gallery walk will appear in the Presentation screen of the students. (Notice that their own team's answer is in an orange-bordered gray box, indicating that they cannot vote or comment on their own answer). Students can then go through other teams' / other students' answers and comment on them and vote for the best answer to the question above.

Need to learn more on how to set-up e-gallery walk, click here.