• How Do I Add Students To Ongoing Activities?

This article will show you how to add new students, who are late enrollees to existing activities currently set to "Not Started" and "Ongoing" status on InteDashboard 3.1.

  • If you are ready to start your activities, but a student who is a late enrollee gets added to your course. Here is what you could do to add this student to the various activities you are planning to run in this class.

  • There are three things to note before proceeding from here:

  1. You can only add a late enrollee into an activity with a Not Started or Ongoing status.

  2. You cannot add a late enrollee into an activity that has the Ended status.

  3. You can only add a late enrollee into an activity manually on an "Activity" level and not on a "Course" level. Which means, if you want to add student A to IRAT & TRAT #1, Application #1, and Peer Evaluation #1, you will have to repeat the process three times, manually. In other words, adding student A to IRAT & TRAT #1 will not automatically add them to Application #1 and Peer Evaluation #1.

  • Here are the steps to add the late enrollee into the activities.

  • Once the student has signed in, you will receive a notification in the "Attendance" box inside the dashboard of the activity that you wish to add this unassigned student to.

  • Click on the notification "Click This Box To Add Them" to add the late enrollee.

  • Here's how the prompt looks after clicking on the "Click This Box To Add Them" button.

  • You will want to make sure you're selecting the team you want to drop this student into, and click on the approval button, then update.

  • Here's what your student will see, since the student was added to an ongoing activity.

  • Once the student clicks the Start button, their attendance will reflect on your instructor dashboard and the button next to the students name will turn green.