How Do You Populate Students Into Teams Within InteDashboard?

Here we assume that you are trying to populate student teams into InteDashboard by following this pattern: Insert student teams on InteDashboard and have let’s say your student teams login from Canvas and fall under the pre-assigned teams.

  • This is relatively possible and easy to do. But you must be quite careful in the process.  What you will want to do is add your students manually to get started. 

  • You can add students via the following guide.

  • With this in mind, you will want to absolutely make sure that the emails you're using to add your students on InteDashboard, match the same emails which will be used by your LMS provider. If there's any variance between the data you will end up with duplicate student accounts.

  • After adding your students this way, you can then organize them into student teams as normal, and once they come into your course, they will automatically integrate into their student teams.