Special Accomodations for students - Students with Special Needs

Classes can be composed of wide diversity of students. Some students might need longer time to finish activities or take RATs. In these cases, it would be a good idea to separate your class into sections. As the teacher, you'll be managing 2 dashboards, one for the main group, one for the special-needs group.

You can run the same activity to both sections and extend time-limits or activity durations for the special-needs section.

Here's how it works:

First "re-section" your students.

Separate your students into 2 sections in InteDashboard. One section for the regular group, another for the special-needs group.

  1. Go to STUDENTS tab and click "Organise Students". This will allow editing of students, teams and sections.


  1. Click "+ Add New Section" to create another section in the course.


  1. Click "+ Add New Team" to create a team in the section.


  1. Drag and drop the student to the new team in the new section. In this case Student Robin Nico will be moved to the special-needs section.


  1. Once all special-needs students are in the other section, click "Update" button to save changes.

Run the same activity to both sections

Once you have separated your class into sections (In this case, SECTION 1 is the regular group and SECTION 2 the special-needs section), you can go to the dashboards of both sections to start the activity, as per usual.

What will happen:

  1. Everytime you create an activity, InteDashboard will create the same activity it for both sections.

  2. You'll have different dashboards for each section--meaning you'll have different grades data. You'll have to export them separately and manually combine them.

  3. You can extend the time specifically for the special-needs section by clicking the "Extend Time" button in the dashboard.