Using the Activity Dashboard to Run Your First Activity

  1. After creating your activity you will need to run and monitor the activity via the instructors dashboard.

  2. On asynchronous activities the start period will begin when you publish the activity. On synchronous activities you will need to physically press the start button in the instructors dashboard.

  3. As you run your activity please take a look at the attendance box. Here’s where you will see the students and teams that have entered your activity.

  4. Your activity settings will give you information about your activity and the selected settings. The status box will allow you to visualize the progress of the current students in this activity at a glance.

  5. As you move downwards the instructor dashboard, you will encounter the item analysis table which allows you to see the passing and failure rates of your multiple choice type questions.

  6. Moving on you will encounter the student analysis table which allows you to see how your students are progressing through the activity along with their submission status. In this section you will also be able to access further details on answer statistics on a student by student basis.

  7. Finally you will have the questions area which will allow you to synchronize the show correct answer and show answer statistics options to students, as well as engage into presentation mode to aid your in class discussions.

Further Helpful Information

  • As you run your synchronous timed activities, you’ll start noticing that sometimes students do not finish in time.

  • Students will not be cut off if the time limit is not reached, but the window limit closes.  This means that if an activity is set to 20 minutes, and the student joined the activity right before the period closed, they’ll get the full 20 minutes to complete it.

  • If the 20 minutes are up the assesment will auto submit itself and the data in your dashboard will include the student selected answers.