The Questions Bank

The Question Bank is a place where all teachers can input questions. Questions added to the bank are available to all teachers at an institutional level.

The question bank is one of the most valuable features of InteDashboard. As you start creating activities. You will start building up your bank with all the questions you enter into the application.

Learn more below.

Who can use the Questions Bank?

  • Every faculty member in your institution's InteDashboard account can see/add/edit/copy/modify questions to the bank.

  • The questions can be used and added to any activity by every faculty in your organization.

How can faculty add questions in the Questions Bank?

  1. During Activity Creation

  • When you create an activity, each and every question you add via copy&paste and file upload is automatically added in the question bank.

  • Questions created manually, you will have a choice whether to add the question to the bank, or not. In the pop-up box, you can toggle the ADD TO QUESTION BANK to Yes or No. (This is at the bottom of the pop-up)

2. You can add questions in the Questions Bank directly.

  • The faculty has the option to add questions directly to the Questions Bank. In this case, the added questions will be available for use when the faculty is creating activities in the future. The can choose the method "From Question Bank" when they're adding questions to their activity.

What will happen when I delete a question from the Questions bank?

  • You can delete questions from the bank via the following button. Please note that all deletions are final and the action is irreversible.

  • If you delete a question from the bank, any activity that this question had beed added to will not be affected. The scores related to the questions created will not be affected. All of your data will remain on InteDashboard even if the questions that were part of that specific activity are deleted.

What will happen if I edit/modify the question in the Questions Bank?

  • Editing a question from the Questions Bank will not automatically update the question to any of the already-created activity in any course. The updated question can only be added to new activities. (**Teachers can still manually edit questions for any already-created activities, if they need to. However, teachers can only edit a question in their already-created activity if it's not published yet or if they reset the activity. For any ENDED activity, teachers will no longer be able to edit any question.)

  • Edit a question by

    1. Click the question, then click "Edit" button/

    2. Click "Update" button to save changes. (See how it works below)

Overview of the Questions Bank Filter

  • The filter feature will help your faculty navigate through the bank of questions. This feature is specifically helpful if you have multiple faculty working on different courses.

  • Please note, as of this moment all faculty can see the questions from other faculty on InteDashboard. So to limit the information clutter, tagging and segregating your questions is crucial.

  • As you start building your questions on InteDashboard. You will want to start making use of the segmentation features within the application.

  • Search... feature allows you to search for keywords within your question Bank.

  • Type allows you to filter your questions by question type. Free Response, MCQ Single Answer, MCQ Multiple Answer, and Rating.

  • Creator allows you to filter by the faculty member that created the question.

  • Topic allows you to filter by the topic keywords which are submitted during the question creation or editing process. These are topic tags.

  • Difficulty allows you to filter by the level of difficulty which you manually assign to your questions. There are 6 levels of difficulty, which is based on Blooms Taxonomy.

Further Helpful Information on Question Management

Will InteDashboard tap into the Canvas question bank?

      • At this moment, the connection between InteDashboard and Canvas is not via API. Therefore all transfers of data must happen manually between both applications. 

      • Please review this article which will explain to you how to export your questions from InteDashboard, so you can manually upload them into Canvas.

Do created questions automatically go into the question bank?

      • If you’re using the manual addition method. Your questions can be edited while you’re creating them. You can set the option to yes or no depending on your preference. 

      • If you're using the file upload or the copy-and-paste method. Your questions will automatically get added to the question bank on InteDashboard.

Can questions that were not added to the bank be copied and edited?

      • Yes.  Question that weren't initially added to the bank during the activity creation process can be copied and edited like any other question.

Faculty Notes

      • To provide further context on questions. You may add faculty notes at the creation or editing step of each question.

      • The faculty notes will help reduce ambiguity and help communicate information in organizations that have a lot of faculty members using InteDashboard.

  • As you start adding questions to the bank. Please note that all faculty will be able to see them, edit, copy and modify them as time passes.

  • So the utilization of good notes is helpful to communicate the right information between the faculty that are using InteDashboard.