How Do Students Input Their Access Codes?

This short article will inform you with some basic information about access codes, and how the process of redeeming the code looks on a step by step basis.

Once your students obtain their access code from your organizational bookstore, then they'll submit the code at activation or during the sign in action at the initial stages after you invite them into your course.

It's worth noting here that InteDashboard access codes have an ISBN number. So the students purchase the code in no different manner than they would purchase a textbook, or any other code from a required course component.

The process follows this structure:

1. Professor creates course.

2. Professor adds students to course.

3. Professor sends invites to students that have been added to the course.

4. Students get activation email in their inbox.

5. Students activate their account and set a password via the link provided.

6. Students input the code obtained from the Bookstore or submit their credit card information to purchase a license.

7. Students access the professor's course.