How to setup an e-Gallery walk?

Application Case activities contain the e-Gallery Walk functionality. Teachers can run an e-gallery walk specifically for free response questions only.

Here's how to set it up.

Step 1 Go to the QUESTIONS Block in the Dashboard.

  1. Scroll down to the QUESTIONS block of the dashboard. (Bottom of the dashboard).

  2. Navigate through the questions you have in the activity by clicking on the question pages (second arrow) until you find the FREE RESPONSE question.

ⓘ HERE are some useful information
Notice the orange percentage bar. This tells how many teams have answered the question. In this case, 80%, 4 teams have not answered and a list of the specific teams who haven't.

Step 2 Open Presentation Mode

  1. Once you have all the answers from teams, you can either PAUSE the application or wait for it to end.

  2. Click 'Open Presentation Mode' button. At this point, students MUST click the "Join Discussion" button on their activity dashboard to go to this screen.

Know more about the Presentation Mode. Click on this link.

Step 3 Go to the Free Response Question

  1. Click on the pages and find the Free Response question .

  2. Click "Initialize e-Gallery Walk" button.

is OFF.
Toggle it on to show the answers of teams. This would automatically show the teams' answers to students on their own screens.

Thumbs Up!
Click on this to mark Good Answers.

Step 4 Initialize
e-Gallery Walk

  1. Select the answers you would like to include

  2. Choose the voting method.

Click the "Preview eGallert Walk" button.

This pop-up is hidden from the student's view.

You can choose to include all submitted answers, only those you've thumbs up-ed or manually select from the list.

Step 5 Preview e-Gallery Walk

SELECT FOR VOTING checkbox is marked blue. This means that this team's answer is selected for the e-Gallery.

Teachers can select and de-select answers for e-Gallery from here. Just click on the tick box.

means it's selected.

will see this pop-up on their screens once you initialize the e-Gallery Walk.

In Presentation Mode, Students cannot navigate through questions. The questions that the teacher is viewing on their Presentation Screen is the same question that will flash on the Student's presentation screens.

Step 6 Start e-Gallery Walk

  1. Click "Start e-Gallery Walk" button to start the e-Gallery Walk.

will now be able to vote for the single best answer and put comments on any or every answer in the gallery.

Step 7 Confirm e-Gallery

Confirm the teams whose answers you'll include in the e-Gallery.

You can either click "Cancel" to re-select or deselect answers


You can click the "Start" button.

Step 8 e-Gallery Walk Ongoing

Votes and comments will now start to come in automatically as teams votes and type in comments from their side.

The orange percentage bar will indicate teams who have not voted. Once it's 0%, it's a signal when you can click the "Stop e-Gallery walk" button.

Here's what the students can see:

  1. Their own team's answer is in an orange-nordered gray box. There is NO "VOTE" button and no comments box. This means that teams cannot vote for their own answer.

  2. "VOTE" button

  3. Comments box.

ⓘ BEST PRACTICESAsk your students to "comment" or feedback on each team's answer before they cast their vote.

ⓘ NOTEOnce they vote, they cannot comment or change votes anymore.

Step 9 Stop e-Gallery Walk

Once all teams have cast their votes, click "Stop e-Gallery Walk" button.

Step 10 Confirm Stop e-Gallery Walk

Confirm the end of e-Gallery walk. Click "Yes, Stop e-Gallery Walk" button.

Then you'll be able to view the tally of votes on the screen.

Step 11 Release e-Gallery Walk Results

Click "Release e-Gallery Walk Results" to release results to the students. Confirm by clicking "Yes, Release e-Gallery Walk Results."

Students will then be able to view the tally of votes and comments on the screen.

Here's a sample of e-Gallery Walk Results screen.