How to Copy&Paste a student list to my course

You can easily copy and paste your students' list by following these steps.This allows you to paste the information of your students into InteDashboard. You may paste names, emails and team allocation information into the available open field.

Pros: Easy to set up for teachers.

BEST PRACTICES: Students are required to open the email received from InteDashboard and have to set a password for themselves. Send an invite on the first day of classess (When you would give your students an orientation and have them get familiar with the software.) This way, you can be assured that the email do not get lost in their inbox or spam folders.

Watch how to copy & paste students to InteDashboard


Here are the steps from start to finish

Step 1

Click on the course you want to add your students in.

Step 2

Click on the "STUDENTS" tab

Step 3

Click on the "+ New Students" button

Step 4

Click on the "Copy & Paste" button and click "Next Step".

Step 5.a

If you do not have the template yet, click the "Click Here" button to download the template.

Step 5.b

Type in the names and emails of students. Copy the list of students (Control C or Command C)

Step 5.c

Paste your student list on the box and click "Next Step".

ⓘ Here are some useful information

  1. Download the intedashboard-student-upload-template from the blue "Click Here" button on the page.

  2. You can edit the template in a spreadsheet or excel to contain the entire list of students you have.

    • First Name, Last Name and Email are required.

    • You can edit the Student ID, Section and Team details later. Click here to learn more.

Step 6

Click the green "Confirm" button once you have reviewed the list on the screen.

Step 7

Once confirmed, you'll see your students grouped in the specified section and teams you have indicated in Step 6.

Step 8

Click "Send Invites" to send an email activation to your students to activate their InteDashboard account.

Step 9

Fill out the details.

  1. Select the names of the students from the dropdown

  2. Email Title (editable)

  3. Email Content (editable)

Click "Send Invites" button.

ⓘ Here are some useful information

  1. Once you send the invites, students will receive an email prompting them to activate their account and to set their account passwords.

Preview Email

You can preview the email through the "Preview Email" button to see the email that will be sent to the students to activate their accounts.

View students in detail (YES)

ⓘ Manage your students using this toggle.

  1. See who has activated their student account

  2. See who has paid for their account

  3. Edit their student details.

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