Completing Payment - Direct Purchase

You can use your card to make a direct payment via PayPal. Here's how

  1. Click the "Complete Your Payment" button.

  2. Select "Paypal", fill out the details needed and click "Confirm Payment".

See some screenshots below.

Here are some screenshots

Step 1

Click the "Complete Your Payment" button on the top-right-hand -corner of the page.

Step 3

  • Select "PayPal".

  • Fill out the details needed.

  • Click "Confirm Payment" button.

Once payment is successful, you will be taken to your InteDashboard activities page.

Do you have an access code? Please click here for more info.

ⓘ Having problems?

  • If the payment is unssuccessful, please try another card.

  • Having troubles with InteDashboard license payment? Please Contact Us.

  • Would you like to request a refund? Please click here.