Create a Module

Create your first module

Organize the content of your courses to Modules. For example:

  • Organize by topics, i.e., Diffusion and Osmosis, Homeostasis, etc.

  • Organize by time , i.e., Week 1 Introduction to Biology, Week 2-3 Chemisty in Biology, etc.

  • Organize by examination content, i.e., Preliminary, Midterms, Finals, etc.

  1. Go to the Courses tab from the side navigation.

  2. Click on the Course name you want to add modules to.

  3. Click on +New Module button on the top-right-corner.

  4. Fill out the following fields in the new page:

    • NAME : This can be any of the following examples above, i.e., Diffusion and Osmosis

    • PERIOD: This is the time period that you expect your module to be active. This can be customized to your preference.

    • DESCRIPTION: Please provide a description of your module. This field could also be used to create learning objectives for your module.
      Note: These details can not be seen by your students, and can only be viewed by teachers that have access to this specific course.

  5. Click Save button to save your new course.

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